Aerial 20kV power distribution lines

Medium voltage lines in the distribution areas have in their component switch gears mounted on pillars. Manually operating these switch-gears , with hampered possibilities to work, as pillars are scattered throughout the country and located in inaccessible places . Location and fault isolation is difficult , depending on the mobilization of intervention teams and efficiency , as well as equipping with means of observation , but also depends on the experience and skill of the team , and none the less roads , road conditions and weather conditions .
Installing remote controlled switch gears and reclosers in overhead medium voltage networks is needed to increase the reliability and capacity of the electrical installation , also leading to increasing power demand and ensure continuity of power supply for consumers. This solution presents the following advantages :

  • Quickness in maneuvers , with implications in fast reconnection of affected consumers by quickly maneuvering the equipments for voltage supply.
  • Eliminates the need to correlate maneuvers between two or more operational teams When performing maneuvers during the confinement of operational staff , it is not necessary to request the staff to comply.
  • Considerably reducing time of the incident – the advantage in reducing the duration of the incident and quick resupply of consumers – there’s no need for the operational team to redo the maneuvers necessary for resupplying the consumers

By installing remote controlled switch-gears and reclosers the dispatch will have a remote surveillance over the electric grid, which leads a significant lower intervention time and thus reducing the average time to resupply.

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