Our mission is to provide quality products and services , in strict accordance with international standards and requirements . We developed it and invested in research to be able to provide an optimal , cheap and functional solution .

COMRANADO started implementing the automated distribution system in 1997, in Mehedinti county, and the system begun spanning all over the seven counties of the “SC CEZ Distributie SA ” – Arges, Dolj , Gorj, Mehedinti , Olt , Teleorman , Valcea, and then even ” EON Moldova” – Piatra Neamt, “Electrica Transilvania Sud ” – Brasov.

The SCADA-like systems currently cover 30 % of the country and are complete and complex systems , which provided and still provide functionality in distribution grids in terms of reliability and maximum efficiency and safety.Since 2008 , Comranado had carried out modernization works for 7 transformer stations – 110kV/20kV.

In addition to our portfolio, starting with 2012 Comranado also provides SCADA integration services for solar power plants and hydro-eletric plants and other SCADA integration services, together with our partners from ELVAC company, which provide a very reliable and efficient data acquisition equipment, the RTU7M, capable of reading and transmitting information using the standard communication protocols (IEC 60870-5-101/103/104 , DNP3.0 or ModBus).

Our company policy is to always be close to our clients in order to carefully meet their desires – so they can be assured that with us they will be in permanent contact with a team of professionals who understand their needs and will rise to their expectations .




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