110/20 kV transformer stations

Primary and secondary equipment modernization and integration into SCADA system
– Replacement of existing cells with new 20kV cells , equipped with modern swith-gear
– reconditioning of the 20kV distributor building through thermal rehabilitation and modernization of electrical circuits, lighting and heating also
– Hydrophobic rehabilitation of 110kV pillars and upgrading of the outdoor lighting
– Scada integrated security system ( fire and intrusion protection )
– Replacement of auxiliary facilities ( switch actuator changer , air ventilation , cooling instalation , oil level coservator , etc. ) to existing power transformers
– Replacement of existing AC/DC panels with modern SCADA integrated ones
– Replacement of protection and control panels for 110kV and Transformer cells and command – control- measure protection and SCADA functions included
– Replacing existing clamp-boxes XMK for 110kV cells , CTV , transformers and for the mop devices .
– secondary calbes linking 110kV outdoor station and new cabinets in the control room will be spliced using an intermediate rack ( rack meters )
– Installation of workstations in the control room to take over all functions of command -control- signaling station ( SCADA cabinet )
– Replacement of existing 100A arc-suppression coils with new 150 A self regulated arc suppression coils.
– Replacement of existing internal services transformers with new transformers, with continuous functioning.
– Internal existing 20kV cables will replace to the exit of the by jointing with crosslinked polyethylene insulated cables .
– Integration into SCADA system
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